Dress with Confidence Program

By purchasing any program, 50% of the fund will go toward supporting low-income youths and young adults between 16-24 years old to attend the same program. 

Educational workshop: 2 hours to help you dress with confidence. Please click here to learn more about the workshop, date and time, and how to register for the workshop. 

Wardrobe makeover: 2 hours. We will come to your home and give your wardrobe a makeover. We will help you pair your current clothes successfully, and see which clothes do not fit with your body type and shape that should be donated. You will get an in-depth assessment of your body shape and frame and see which type of clothing will enhance your body to give you an attractive look. You will also learn the foundation to pair colors and prints successfully, and how to pair your clothes to create a balanced and lead body. You will get a guideline to help you choose clothes successfully when you shop for your own clothes. 

One-on-one weekly session: Weekly session for 45 minutes with your style coach to help you find your style and take your wardrobe and confidence to the next level. The sessions come in 4, 8, or 12. 

Ultimate Package: This package includes the workshop, wardrobe makeover, and one-on-one weekly session. 

Express Your Unique Style

Dress with Confidence

For an installment plan, please contact us. 

If you are a low-income individual between the ages of 16-24, you are qualified for a huge discount on the workshop. Please contact us to learn more about how to get the discount.

Feeling and looking attractive is not based on your body size and shape, but how you dress your body. Give your style and self-confidence an extra boost with learning how to dress with confidence.

The way you dress says a lot about yourself and your self-confidence. It is an expression of yourself in all areas of your life. The way you dress should represent the confidence level you want to experience. The way you dress should express your personality. The way you dress should represent the person you want to become. The way you dress should represent the career you want to have. Allow your clothing style to help make a bold and confident statement about yourself. 

Ultimate Package