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​​​Where does your donation go to?

All donations will support high-risk youths from ages 16-24 to attend our programs and services

Different Ways to Donates

​​The Personal Transformation Program
The Self-Esteem Building Program​
The Career Development Program
The Goal-Setting Development Program
The Stress Management Program
The Building Good Health Program

The Youth Social Change Project
The Inspiring Learning Toolkit Project
​Action/Result Support Group

Wal-Mart Registry for Good

If you would like to donate materials, supplies, and equipment instead, please click here to see the complete list on our Wal-Mart Registry for Good page. 

​AmazonSmile: If you shop on Amazon, you can support our cause through AmazonSmile.

Textbooks Donation

If you have unused textbooks and want to put them to good use, Wake-Up Foundation is collecting and fundraising textbooks. We collect all different kinds of textbooks. You can drop them off at our location. We can also pick them up if within our location. 

Other Donation Opportunities

  • Office/Building space in Sacramento, CA areas
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Tables and chairs
  • Gift cards