Please make sure to book your first coaching appointment with the link provided after you finish checking out. 

The program activities: 

1. Workshops: To help you learn the right knowledge to achieve good health

2. One-on-One Action/Result Coaching:Develop a successful plan to achieve your maximum health

  • You meet weekly for 45 minutes with your coach 

3. Action/Result Support Group: Learn to create achievable action steps to achieve good health

  • We hold weekly sessions. Click here to take directly to our meetup group for exact dates and times and for more information. 

​4. Learning Products: Click here to see the samples of the products. You will immediately get access to the e-versions of the book and learning flashcards once you registered for the program.

  • Building Good Health Book: 34 tips to help you to achieve your maximum health 
  • Flashcards: 50 on the go health learning flashcards

Program Outcomes

- Have more energy and strength in life

- Develop more focus and concentration

- Experience more joy and happiness

- Experience less stress

- Be motivated and empowered to live life

- Have better moods

- Develop fewer sickness or disease

- Improve longevity

- Develop better physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health

- Save money by having fewer doctor visits

- Develop fewer pain problems

- More time and opportunities to create meaning and purpose in life

- Increase self-esteem and self-confidence

The program learning components:

1. Understand and monitor your 9 body composition numbers

2. Able to develop a healthy diet that fits your weight goal

3. Able to develop successful exercise and sleep habits

4. Apply motivational and success tools to achieve your maximum health

For an installment plan, please contact us. 

If you are a low-income individual between the ages of 16-24, you are qualified for a huge discount on the program. Please contact us to learn more about how to get the discount.

Building Good Health Program

The importance of good health

Building Good Health Program

Developing and having a healthy lifestyle is important. To become successful in anything, you would need energy and strength. For example, if you are feeling tired, you are unmotivated to grab and take action on life opportunities. Consequently, life opportunities can slip away from you. You do not want to be the person who passes on the opportunity. Do not be that person. Prepare yourself for all life opportunities. 

If you are ready to take your energy and strength to the next level and achieve more in life, then this Building Good Health program is for you.