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7 methods to develop a positive attitude

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The best tool you can have is a positive attitude because it can turn a negative experience into a positive experience. 

1. Get a good night sleep: When you get a good night sleep, your brain is fully recharged and repaired that give you the attitude and motivation to start the day well.

2. Eating breakfast: Eating breaking is not only for the body but also for the mind because the brain requires healthy nutrition to function well.

3. Be around positive people: When you are around positive people, they will motivate and inspire you.

4. Do activities that interest you: When you do things that interest you, your strengths and talents grow that will help you see that the future can be better.

5. Always smile: Smiling helps calm down your negative tension to help you feel better.

6. Reinforce positive affirmations: The mind needs positive reinforcement to balance out the negative influence that you see in society.

7. Avoid media exposure: The media are filled with negative information that will decrease your mental strength. 

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