5 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

3. Do different types of activities. When you do various activities, they require you to learn new knowledge and skills. 

4. Be in a supportive environment. Be in environments and settings that allow you to think your own way and apply your own strengths and talents. 

5. Be around people who motivate and inspire you. These people will push you to do things that make you happy, and that most likely would match your own strengths and talents. When you use your own strengths and talents, they make it easier for you to be creative compared to when you are not using your own strengths and talents.  

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To be motivated to do things in life, you need to know how to turn ideas and opportunities into successful tasks. One way is to become more creative. Everyone can be creative. Creativity is about doing things in different ways. The more ways you can do things, the more tools, knowledge, and skill your mind has to do in life. Below are five ways to increase your creativity. 

1. Learn new things. When you learn different things, your mind is exposed to diverse knowledge, tools, and skills to come up with different ways to do something. 

2. Be around different types of people. When you are around different types of people, you will learn different things from them, which means you will have a better chance to create different ways to do something.